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The Planetary frequencies, the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies and the Pythagorean frequencies form a trinity of a whole system.  The Sacred Solfeggio frequencies work on the Microcosmic, personal level and can take us to the inner universe deep within ourselves.  With the linking frequencies of the Pythagorean (Mesocosmic) frequencies, they assist us to connect to the Macrocosmic level of the Planetary frequencies, which guide us to find our place in the outer universe.  Together they bring balance to the orbits of our lives.

Planetary VRT

Classes Offered:

Planetary ClassicVRT

Bible Oils VRT

Interplanetary VRT

Body Systems VRT: Brain, Colon/Digestion, Liver, Hormone Balance, and more!

Combining these sacred frequencies with the healing properties of essential oils, and applying them to ancient Chinese acupuncture points brings together multiple healing modalities, each with its own powerful morphic field.

Pythagorean VRT
Classes Offered:

Pythagorean Classic VRT

Sacred Geometry VRT

Fibonacci Harmonics VRT 

Pythagorean Harmony VRT 

Disease manifests in the physical, Newtonian world in which we live. 

 But its root causes are in the nonphysical, Quantum world.  The Pythagorean frequencies (body) are the link between the Sacred Solfeggio (mind) and the Planetary (spirit).  

Sacred Solfeggio

Classes offered:Sacred Solfeggio Classic VRT Ut, Re, Mi VRT Fa, Soul Star, Earth Star VRT Sol, La, Ti VRT Systems Interactions VRT

The Sacred Solfeggio frequencies were re-discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo in the Book of Numbers, and have been integrated into Vibrational Raindrop Technique.  Included are numerous versions of VRT using multiple octaves of these healing frequencies. 


Vibrational Raindrop Technique

Certified Training in VRT with the  NTCB.ORG